” Noodles and rice” – a restaurant with authentic Italian cuisine, cozy atmosphere and themed interior . The restaurant is ideal for lovers of fine Italian cuisine and family comfort .

” Noodles and rice” during the years of its existence has become a favorite of many Muscovites institution . It is nice to start the day with a cup of coffee, hold business meetings and banquets. Terrific cozy atmosphere makes the restaurant an ideal place for meetings and family dinners .

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” Noodles and rice” – Little Italy on Aviamotor . Having been here once, you will definitely want to visit the restaurant again to plunge into the fascinating world of the taste of Italian cuisine. The restaurant’s menu is extensive and varied . It is not limited to a couple of pizzas. ” Noodles and rice” offers a great selection of all kinds of salads, appetizers, cheese dishes and , of course, pasta, pizza and lasagna. Dishes prepared exclusively on classic recipes . Dine in the restaurant ” Noodles and rice” , you will be able to make sure that their taste is not inferior to Osteria Milan and Rome.The restaurant is constantly carried out promotions and discounts . The main concept of the restaurant – a fair combination of price and quality. A rich palette of flavors will please even the most demanding gourmets : traditional Italian , a little familiar European as well as Japanese cuisine.

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The interior does not distract , and contributes to complement the overall impression of a real Italian restaurant.The restaurant is located at the metro station ” Aviamotornaja .” On our site you will be able to read the menu and photos of the interior of the restaurant. Reviews about us you can read in the ” Reviews “. There you can unsubscribe and your views.

The restaurant is welcoming its guests.” Noodles and rice ” is not just an Italian restaurant in Moscow , and the correct Italian restaurant.